Seed Funding Grants are for nonprofit or social enterprise organizations in their startup phase, or established nonprofits or social enterprise organizations starting up a new program, offering or approach. These grants are made to qualified organizations whose mission is aligned with the Foundation’s focus areas. Seed Funding grants are one-time grants intended to cover up to $15,000 in startup activities.

The Foundation receives applications on a rolling basis, but reviews only three times per year, typically in February, June and October. 

Step 1: see if you qualify

Do you check all the boxes? 

  • My organization is a 501 C3. I am either already registered, or going through the process and I would be able to provide documentation.

  • My organization is not affiliated with any religious institution.

  • My organization will not lobby legislation or influence public elections.

  • My organization has an idea for social and environmental change that clearly aligns with the Schlecht Family Foundation’s geographic (Dane County, WI) and issue foci.

Step 2: complete the pre-application

If you check all the boxes above, please answer the pre-application questions below (in no more than two pages) and send to If we feel there is a potential fit, we will ask you to complete the full application.


Organization Name:

Phone number:

Please provide a description of your program/project vision. How does it align with the Foundation’s area of focus?

What problem are you trying to solve? For whom? What is your hypothesis for how best to solve it?

How is this program similar or unique to others addressing the same issue? What unique value will you be bringing to your target population?

Please describe the steps you are taking to develop the program/project? How are your incorporating stakeholder feedback?